Keto Recipes Anyone Can Make at Home

Culinary Lion started as just a source of motivation for me on my road back to good health.

I’d been a chef for about 20 years and for anybody who’s ever worked in the food & beverage industry you know that bad habits are all too common. 

So I decided to take the skills I’ve developed over my career and focus on reinventing the foods I love. Keto Recipes made in a healthier way.

For me that way is a paleo/ ketogenic hybrid lifestyle.

Restoring my health isn’t just a temporary diet, it’s a complete overhaul of my lifestyle beginning with the food I eat, functional exercise and better sleeping habits. 

As I changed my bad habits into good ones and pushed myself towards a new way of life friends and family started to see the results. Soon they began to ask how to make similar changes in their lives. 

I never intended to create this community of positive people but it’s been a pleasant surprise. Now I want to grow that community and help others find their way to good health. 

The future of culinary lion is ever changing but I can tell you it will be a place to find great keto recipes, workout tips that anyone can incorporate into their day and motivational quotes that I find or use to keep my resolve strong.

A pack of lions is known as a pride and I take great pride in bringing culinary lion to anyone who wants to be better than the day before.

Thank you, 

Frank Campanella

Here are a few of my favorite Recipes to get you Started

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