Low Carb Zucchini Fried Ravioli

I miss Ravioli Too…Keto has opened up so many new tasty foods to me. however, the thing I miss the most is stuffed pasta. Check out this Low Carb Zucchini Fried Ravioli recipe that will scratch that itch, no Fooling. Enjoy!

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Low Carb Thai Egg Roll Bowl

Are You In Search of Meal Prep Perfection? The search is over because this low carb Thai egg roll bowl affectionatly refereed to by some as "Crack Slaw" is about the easiest keto meal prep dish you can make. One pan and less than 20 minutes to prepare, you'll be back to blasting those Quads in the gym in no time.

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The B.E.C. Roll (Bacon, Egg And Cheese)

The Ultimate 3 Ingredient Breakfast!! This was just a goofy idea I had to Roll up my scrambled eggs in a Bacon Burrito. Reasons you should make this include: It looks cool, It tastes good and You'll impress your friends!

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Keto Guido Bomb Parmesan

What happens when you put an Italian sausage link inside of a meatball, then top it with marinara and cheese? Keto bliss, that's what. One of my tastiest recipes in the arsenal and surprisingly easy to prepare.

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Keto Swedish Meatballs

Keto Swedish Meatballs are the Ultimate Keto Comfort Food on a cold day. Savory Umami flavor in a rich and creamy sauce wrapped over mouthwatering meatballs. This low carb recipe will save you a trip to a European furniture store.

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Low Carb Crab Cakes with Remoulade Sauce

All the Thriller and None of the Filler!! I feel that as a born and raised Marylander I am qualified to throw my hat in the ring of best Crab Cake Recipes. This Low Carb version doesn't have any of those unnecessary bread crumbs or crackers used to "bind" you crab cake together. instead I just add more of what we all want...MORE CRAB MEAT!

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Keto Pizza Fried Rice

Pizza Fried Rice is the culmination of a lot of late nights and dorm room culinary wizardry. All of the best parts of the pizza served in fried rice form

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Low Carb Reuben Egg Roll Bowl

This Reuben Egg Roll Bowl is Possibly My favorite Low Carb Recipe. this classic sandwich gets a low carb makeover by ditching the rye bread while keeping all the flavors you come to expect from this titan of the delicatessen. Reuben Egg Roll Bowls are quick, easy and fantastic for meal prep.

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