February 1, 2019
Low Carb Chicken & Eggplant Lasagna

Can’t decide on eggplant or chicken Parmesan??? Got you covered. Great weeknight dish that can be prepped ahead of time and finished in the oven for dinner. This Lasagna style keto casserole keeps the carbs low and the flavor high

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January 28, 2019
Keto Chipotle Chicken w/ Bleu Cheese Slaw

Instant Pot keto meal prep or super bowl eats? Either way this low carb Chipotle Chicken with Bleu cheese Coleslaw is the perfect recipe for any size crowd

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January 25, 2019
Low Carb Beef Bourguignon

You too can Prepare this Classic French Recipe. All you need is some time, some thyme and a sense of humor. Just Kidding, But seriously, don't let these fancy sounding french words intimidate you from taking on this low carb version of the original comfort food!

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January 5, 2019
Horseradish Crusted Prime Rib Roast

Want to cook a whole Prime Rib Roast like a Pro? It can be scary to cook a piece of meat that's more expensive then your best pair of shoes. and god forbid you over cook it to the point that it looks like those shoes. follow these step by step instructions and you'll be feasting like a king (or Queen) in no time!!

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