May 14, 2020
Keto Italian Hoagie Coleslaw Recipe

Italian Hoagie Coleslaw is my favorite low carb way to enjoy all my favorite parts of the hoagie without the roll. Meat, cheese and all the condiments!!

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January 21, 2020
Pepper Steak: Low Carb Copycat Recipe

Pepper Steak is one of my favorite Chinese takeout dishes. Tender beef along with sautéed peppers and onions seasoned with copious amounts of black pepper. Great low carb meal prep option or quick weeknight dinner.

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August 18, 2019
Keto Cut Meals: Pepperoni Mozzarella Shrimp Salad

Here is a quick and easy twist on classic shrimp salad. Perfect for on the go meal prep or days where you don’t want to cook. Pepperoni Mozzarella Shrimp salad is a recipe that is normally keto friendly but this recipe kicks things up a notch. I added mini pepperoni and fresh mozzarella along with Italian seasoning to give this a familiar flavor profile.

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January 5, 2019
Low Carb Thai Egg Roll Bowl

Are You In Search of Meal Prep Perfection? The search is over because this low carb Thai egg roll bowl affectionatly refereed to by some as "Crack Slaw" is about the easiest keto meal prep dish you can make. One pan and less than 20 minutes to prepare, you'll be back to blasting those Quads in the gym in no time.

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